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What is QuickBooks Online

Back in the day, you would go to the office supply store, or order the software online and it would be delivered to you in a box. You would install the software on your desktop computer or on your server. Maybe you’d need some assistance. Sometimes you’d ask for training. But other than that, the software was up and running.

Quick Books Online is a cloud base accounting software there is no need to install any software, you access QuickBooks Online straight from your internet browser on any computer or web enabled device whenever, wherever.

Why Valenta Accounting – QuickBooks

According to Steve King, a partner at Emergent Research, which tracks technology use by small firms “…almost 37% of small businesses are ‘fully adapted’ to cloud-based applications.” He expects that to increase to 78% of small businesses by 2020.

Even in the era of Cloud base accounting software, there are mainly issues every small business owner face: So many documents to track and so much data to enter. QuickBooks online helps it to mitigate this problem.

QuickBooks online integrates with all the Special Functionality Based accounting apps, e.g. AutoEnty, Hubdoc or QuickBooks is also integrating with almost all banks and can automatically downloads transactions from bank provided feeds.

Why you may consider QuickBooks over other software?

  • Cloud base accounting software which you can use from anywhere any time.
  • No need to worry about data security and data backup.
  • Customized Reporting.
  • Integrates with your bank account for automatic bank feeds.
  • Integrates with many other industry specific software like, Corecon V8 etc.
  • Real time data availability.
  • Check printing function.
  • Cost-Effective
  • User Friendly.

We have highly trained and qualified staff who can help small business owners and CPA firms to maintain their work in QuickBooks online. Valenta also helps in to integrate other software with QuickBooks Online.

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