Accounting for Accountants

Accountants/ firms are often bogged down by repetitive, time-consuming tasks, most of which can do more efficiently through outsourced bookkeeping and accounting.

Accounting for Businesses

We realise that as an entrepreneur you would have a million things to do and you find managing accounts really time-consuming and often stressful.

Build your team

Valenta’s Build Your Team offering is flexible and can be tailored to suit your businesses needs. We can fully customise a full support team offshore across one service area or across various verticals including accounting, administration, human resources, marketing, IT and much more.


Digital Marketing

No two businesses are alike, and as such we have specialist Digital Marketing Consultant’s who will work with your business either part-time, full-time or onsite 1 day per week, to develop and execute a strategy that will help you achieve your financial growth targets.

Financial Crime

Empower your financial institution to monitor and react quickly to suspicious behaviour. At Valenta BPO we manage AML, KYC, Alert Screening and ID verification initiatives for financial institutions across the globe.

Financial Planning Assistant

Our Financial Planning support teams and Financial Planning Administrators can help you with various administrative tasks and implementation activities, annual reviews, advice implementation and general business administration.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Businesses today face huge costs in acquiring and retaining the right talent and this can be attributed to high attrition rates, a shrinking talent pool and the difficulties in sustaining employee engagement.

Legal Process

We offer legal outsourcing services with trained Paralegals who will improve productivity, optimise resources and control expenses. Outsourcing can help you concentrate on things that are more productive and profitable, while eliminating the cost of hiring, recruiting, and retaining full-time legal support resources.


We have the world’s largest team of virtual Paraplanners and Financial Planning administration experts, enabling us to offer additional resources with specific skill sets, or dedicated teams, based on client requirements.

Real Estate Support Services

Increased financial risks, stricter regulations, and moderate growth have led to real estate developers, property managers and contractors having to cut costs and improve efficiencies in order to stay competitive.

Software Development

Valenta BPO has established operations in Bangalore, Asia’s Silicon Valley, with access to world-class software developers and professionals who can address your software development needs.

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